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About Me

My background

Born in Maine, I grew up a Navy brat and moved around a lot when I was really young. I spent 22 years in Jacksonville, FL, before moving to Asheville, NC, in 2003 to finish college. I fell in love with the Appalachian mountains and Western North Carolina and can't imagine living anywhere else.

My experience

I had a successful career in mortgage and consumer banking for over 20 years while pursuing art part-time. However, I have decided to embrace my artistic calling on a full-time basis by working for myself. 

I started painting, drawing, and taking photos as a kid. My mom and I would set up our easels in the living room and paint to Bob Ross. I watched and learned as my mom, a master seamstress, greeting card maker, and craft artist taught me the basics of design. In the 7th grade, through the inspiration of my first Art teacher, I decided to major in art. I fell in love with all art but focused on photography, and later jewelry and interior design. I graduated from UNC-Asheville with a BA degree in Art with a concentration in Photography.

I have photographed commercial real estate for a local luxury apartment community, listings for real estate agents, commercial promo events, and weddings.

My vision

Architectural photography is my passion and in my opinion, one of the most technical. Lighting is key. I strive for clean, modern, and well thought out images. I love capturing a moment in time as well as the essence of a room or building, particularly if that room or building was, is, or will be someone's home or office. I want to bring out as much natural light as possible, highlight architectural features, and capture an inviting space.

Jewelry making and interior design are other arts I enjoy. Beading, wire-wrapping, precious metal clay, custom jewelry orders, and simple jewelry repairs occupy my time, and refinishing/restoring old finds and applying custom faux finishes to walls are also fun. I enjoy working with new materials and textures. Please contact me to discuss any special requests you may have in mind.

I want to help my clients realize their ideas with a professional, creative, and modern look.

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